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5 Benefits of Shipping By Air

When the shrinking world becomes a new reality and quality reigns supreme, air freight is a dynamic solution that transcends geographical boundaries. Understanding how air freight can contribute to streamlined operations, enhanced customer satisfaction, and competitive edge is essential for businesses aiming to thrive in an interconnected world.

5 Benefits of Shipping By Air

What Is Air Freight?

Air freight, also referred to as air cargo, is a crucial component of global trade and logistics, involving transportation of goods and commodities by aircraft. It offers a swift and efficient means of moving products across vast distances, transcending geographical barriers and time constraints. By utilizing a dedicated main deck on cargo aircraft or using a lower deck on passenger flights, air freight is an ideal transport option for shipping time-sensitive items, perishable goods, high-value merchandise, and others. Read on to learn about the top five benefits of air cargo.

1. Speed

Air cargo is an expedited mode of transport that becomes indispensable when urgency is paramount, enabling businesses to meet tight deadlines, deliver time-sensitive products, and respond promptly to dynamic market demands. Whether it's perishable goods, high-value items, or time-critical supplies, the ability of air transport to provide rapid transit proves pivotal in maintaining supply chain integrity and enhancing overall logistics performance. For tech companies such as Apple or fast-fashion players such as Zara or H&M, speed is what can make or break their business.

2. Reliability

With well-established networks, stringent safety controls, and consistent schedules, air freight ensures that goods are delivered on time and intact, regardless of geographic distances. This reliability is especially valuable for industries where precision is imperative, such as healthcare, where medical supplies and pharmaceuticals must arrive promptly, or high-tech manufacturing, which relies on timely delivery of components. The streamlined processes of the air cargo industry, from secure handling to efficient customs procedures, contribute to its reputation as a trustworthy choice, providing businesses with the assurance that their cargo will reach its destination reliably and with minimal disruptions.

3. Connectivity

Air freight serves as a critical bridge that connects remote and geographically isolated regions to the broader global economy. The extensive network of airports and routes established by the air freight industry connects even the most remote corners of the world, enabling businesses to access a diverse range of markets and consumers. This connectivity not only ensures a timely supply of necessities but empowers local economies by helping them export their unique products to distant markets.


An unparalleled combination of speed, a controlled environment, meticulous handling, and stringent safety regulations enables air freight to stand out as the safest transportation mode. Due to rapid travel, your shipment spends minimal time in transit, reducing exposure to potential risks. Controlled environments within aircraft cargo holds protect sensitive and perishable items, while the reduced number of handling points mitigates the chances of damage. Tight airport security protocols ensure minimum levels of cargo pilferage. These factors collectively establish air freight as the optimal choice for secure and reliable movement of cargo.

5. Visibility

Most of the companies that provide air freight services have online aircraft tracking available, allowing you to monitor the status of your cargo in real-time throughout its journey from takeoff to landing. Real-time tracking and monitoring systems within the air freight industry provide instant visibility into the location and status of cargo, enabling prompt intervention in case of any unexpected issues. These combined attributes make air freight the preferred choice when rapid cargo recovery is paramount.

Use Air Freight with CargoPoint

Opting to send your cargo using CargoPoint’s air cargo solutions emerges as an unparalleled choice, driven by our commitment to excellence and unmatched service quality. Our seamless integration of cutting-edge technology ensures that your cargo benefits from real-time tracking, guaranteeing visibility and peace of mind throughout the journey. With our IATA-certified specialists who are well-versed in safe and secure handling of air cargo across multiple vertical domains, we minimize the potential for mishaps, ensuring your cargo arrives at its destination intact and on time. By choosing CargoPoint, you're selecting a partner dedicated to reliability, efficiency, and safety for your cargo's journey. Learn more about our services here or contact our team today to consult free of charge.


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