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Quality Policy
Delivering Quality on All Fronts

Quality Policy

At CargoPoint, we deliver best-in-class logistics and freight forwarding solutions to meet our customers’ supply chains needs and requirements. This is achieved through our continually improved Quality Management System, process approach and constant training. Our entire team is committed to delivering on our corporate vision and achieving our overall corporate goals.

Quality Principles

1. Deliver high-quality, reliable and consistent services that meet or exceed our customers’ service expectations;


2. Drive continuous improvement through efficient business processes, well-defined measurements and customer feedback;

3. Manage risks and ensure overall compliance through analysis of business data, trends and KPIs;

4. Develop employee competence and drive a culture of accountability through appropriate training programs and empowerment.

Quality Objectives / KPIs

1. Maintain a high quality of service to satisfy our customers’ requirements

  • CSAT: Maintain a customer satisfaction score of no less than 90%

  • Fast response times: reply (acknowledge) email requests within 5 hours

  • On-time quotes: provide a quote within 16 working hours


2. Train our staff on an ongoing basis to meet world-class industry standards

  • Conduct annual training and maintain staff competence certifications from local and international training/certification bodies

3. Manage risks proactively and maintain full compliance with legal requirements

  • Maintain 100% compliance with legal requirements & keep business risks at acceptable levels


Board of Directors reviews and approves any changes to our Quality Management System every 12 months.

Managing Director communicates Quality Management Policies and standards to all employees, implements them in our daily operations and reports to the Management.

All employees are responsible for the ownership and undertaking of their Quality Management functions as outlined in each policy, process or procedure.

Management Commitment

The Management supports the continuous development of our Quality Management System and is committed to:

  • Establishing unity of purpose and setting strategic direction;

  • Empowering employees at various levels to be their best and achieve our quality goals;

  • Upholding our corporate values and creating a safe and pleasant working environment.


Our Quality Management System and business processes are regularly reviewed and updated to respond to changes in the regulatory landscape, stakeholder requirements or market conditions. This is achieved through:


  • Management support for regular reviews of and updates to our Quality Management System and business processes;

  • Regular audits, customer/employee feedback and suggestions for improvement;

  • Leveraging latest technology to automate standard processes and reduce human error.


Our employees are the key element of our Quality Management System. They are appropriately trained to meet the highest standards at local and international levels.

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