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Live Animals are Successfully Forwarded by CargoPoint

We Transport Your 
Live Animals

Forwarding live animals in humane and safe conditions including the preparation of essential documents is tedious work. Moreover, you have to ensure that the airline is suitable for your pet's transportation to avoid any negative consequences.

We at CargoPoint are a trusted and recommended IATA-accredited agent. Our specialists, certified by IATA in Live Animals Regulations, will take care of your beloved pet's air transportation from departure to arrival! The documentation process, preparation of suitable and comfortable animal carriers, and loading are completely handled by our professionals. 

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Discover Our Industry Solutions

From hazardous materials to oversized items, we can get your cargo where it needs to go. Our road transport solutions are designed to provide you with the highest levels of efficiency and reliability.

How Can We Help You Today?

Our team is here to support you. Please get in touch with our experts today to find the solution you need.

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