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Air Freight
Delivering speed and reliability

Air Freight

In a fast-paced world, businesses increasingly require fast and reliable movement of their assets around the globe. When speed and predictability offer your business a competitive advantage, air freight is your transport of choice. Our air cargo portfolio is built upon our experience in air transport, global network of reliable partners and our team’s local know-how of the markets that we serve, from Australia to Zimbabwe.

Vast Geography

Partnership with airlines, qualified forwarders, and a highly competent international team form the core of our global network, ready to meet your air cargo needs 24/7, anywhere in the world. We are a member of the largest global network of independent forwarders - WCAWorld and the exclusive member of the global AL365 Aviation Logistics Network for Uzbekistan.

Global Reach, Local Knowledge

Being based out of Tashkent International Airport means our teams are equipped with local knowledge and expertise required to provide reliable logistics services in the emerging markets of Central Asia. That includes bridging the last mile portion of your air delivery or guiding your goods through the complexities of border customs. Some of the key routes and services we offer include:

  • Airfreight services between Uzbekistan and Europe

  • Air transport from Kazakhstan to the United States of America

  • Air forwarding between Turkmenistan and China

  • Air deliveries from Tajikistan to Europe and UK

  • Customs clearance and door delivery of air cargo

  • Air shipments between Uzbekistan and the rest of the world

  • Air cargo movement between China and Kyrgyzstan

  • Trucking air cargo from Tashkent to Uzbekistan regions and Central Asia

  • Road Feeder Services for airlines

  • Air cargo imports from all over the world

  • Air cargo exports to all global destinations

  • Air-to-air transit handling at Tashkent airport

  • Air-to-truck cross docking at Tashkent

  • Value added services such as packing, re-packing, labeling

  • Warehousing and distribution

  • Documentary compliance

  • Air cargo consolidation services

Industry Solutions

We leverage our years-long expertise and accumulated knowledge base to build niche products to cater to the needs of various industries. We deploy our industry-specific capabilities to deliver any of the following:

  • Time-critical shipments

  • Perishable goods

  • Temperature-sensitive goods

  • Cold chain logistics

  • Pharma logistics

  • Healthcare logistics

  • Aerospace logistics

  • Live animals transport

  • Dangerous goods, including Radioactive

  • Hazardous cargo shipments

  • Sensitive equipment

  • Pharmaceuticals and lab consumables

  • Household effects

  • Diplomatic cargo

  • Human remains

  • Project shipments

  • Oversized / heavy cargo

Our IATA-trained professionals guarantee that we at CargoPoint are able to deliver our customers not only industry-compliant logistics services, but industry-leading transport solutions exceeding the stringent requirements of specific industries.

What Makes Us Different

Our core team is made up of professionals from airline background - industry insiders. That means we know air cargo inside out and stand out from the rest of the market on several key fronts:

  • Best rates: we have direct access to airlines bypassing intermediaries, which means reasonable rates for your air cargo shipments

  • Accurate quotes: we provide you accurate, free quotes or cost estimates, so you can avoid last-minute surprises or extra costs to burden your logistics budget

  • Timely updates: we all know visibility is a big problem in logistics, especially for the last mile.  Our 24/7 operational control tower ensures that updates are actually delivered to you when they are due.

  • Cost control: Through thorough management of overhead and careful selection of third-party providers, we keep your logistics overhead to reasonable levels.

Quality Management

At CargoPoint, we maintain a Quality Management Program conforming to the requirements of the internationally recognized quality standard - ISO 9001:2015. We understand that logistics is always work in progress and there is always room for improvement. Every situation is unique and achieving truly great work requires dedication and regular training. We leverage our past projects, successes, mistakes and continuous iteration to build impactful logistics solutions to transform your supply chain.

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