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Air Freight Service

Air Freight Services: Delivering Your Cargo with Speed and Precision

Air Freight Services & International Freight Forwarding

Whether your business encounters supply chain disruption or your customers require urgent shipment - CargoPoint Air Freight has the solution for you. To keep your business moving forward, at CargoPoint we offer air freight services designed for your time-sensitive and high-value cargo. With our end-to-end freight forwarding solutions, experienced specialists with up-to-date know-how skills, and 24/7 support, you can rest assured you will have peace of mind throughout the entire air shipping process.

Air Freight Services

We understand the challenges you face when shipping goods internationally. Affordable freight quotes, secure transportation, and timely delivery are the main components of international cargo shipping with CargoPoint. Our streamlined and flexible air freight services ensure your cargo reaches its destination, no matter the obstacles along the way. If a scheduled flight doesn’t meet your time requirements, you can request our air cargo charter service. CargoPoint air freight services:

  • Air cargo export, import, and transit solutions

  • Airline space reservation 

  • Next flight out

  • On-board courier

  • Air cargo consolidation

  • Mission critical shipments

  • Air freight consolidation & deconsolidation

International Air Freight Shipping to/from Uzbekistan


CargoPoint is an international freight forwarding company located in Uzbekistan and Dubai. Our strategic presence in one of the busiest cargo hubs enables us to efficiently transport air cargo worldwide. Air freight Uzbekistan is a tailored solution connecting Uzbekistan and Central Asia with the Americas, Europe, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. While our specialists manage your supply chain, optimizing routes and ensuring compliance with local and international shipping regulations, our customers focus on their core businesses. Shipping cargo with CargoPoint internationally:

  • Air freight shipping from Uzbekistan to Europe and the Middle East

  • Air cargo delivery from Uzbekistan to USA, Canada

  • International air cargo shipping from Dubai to Uzbekistan 

  • Customs clearance services in Uzbekistan and UAE

  • Airfreight delivery from China to Uzbekistan and Dubai

  • Air cargo transport from the Middle East to Uzbekistan 

  • Door to door delivery in Central Asia

Value Added Service We Provide

At CargoPoint, we go beyond standard freight forwarding services offering end-to-end logistics value-added services tailored to meet our clients' diverse needs. Our suite of value-added services includes.

Customs Clearance

Ensure the continuous flow of your cargo globally with our in-house brokers 

Door to Door Delivery

Using our complex door to door service your goods are delivered on time and safe

Cargo Insurance

Your freight is safe with us during transportation around the globe

What is Air Freight

Air freight, also known as air cargo, refers to the transportation of goods and commodities by aircraft. It involves the shipment of products via airplanes, offering a fast and efficient method of delivery, especially for time-sensitive or perishable items. Air freight services are utilized by businesses and individuals worldwide to transport a wide range of goods across local, national, and international distances. This mode of transportation is valued for its speed, reliability, and ability to reach remote or inaccessible locations efficiently.

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